Shadow Illumination Yoga

In Service to Transformation

Allow me to help you heal and thrive by discovering and embodying your unique archetypal life purpose

Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, is an alchemical goddess archetype, symbolising the transformative and creative power of Love. Born from the foam of the sea - the ocean being a symbol for the unconscious or shadow-, with her golden effulgence - gold, being the transforming philosopher's stone - and muse-like function, she ignites and prompts passion, creativity and union of opposites. The Sanskrit term for union is "Yoga", and Aphrodite facilitates union of antagonistic qualities by means of consummation - the desire to know and be known - and communion (of heart, mind and soul), with consequent new growth in the psychological, emotional and spiritual spheres. Although I recognise various archetypes operating within myself, Aphrodite is my paradeigma - Greek word for “an essential patterned essence to be embodied or reduplicated and expressed in an individual’s life”.


For me personally, Aphrodite is this “Archetype of You”, or simply put, one's unique spirit signature, implied in Carl Jung’s rather large concept of the Self Archetype. It is her that I draw on in my calling of a self-transcending and value-giving service to humanity, in the name of transformation. By calling on this archetype, I endeavour to be an agent in discovering YOUR unique “Archetype of You”, your ground plan for this life, to embody, of which you get glimpses in those moments when you feel really alive, inspired, excited, and passionate. It is that archetype which is infused in your inherent manner of being and self-expression, your style of play, creativity, loving, and work. While it is not visibly observable, it is intuitively felt and noticed.  

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Whether it be through integrative yoga teachings, or shadow work, or mindfulness-based values aligned behavioural therapy, or healing of trauma wounds, or, specifically for women, Taoist tantra, hormone balancing and womb care, I am devoted to healing the womb/hara space with the purpose of facilitating union between the divine feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) principles in the inner marriage of yin and yang: to be both active and receptive, spiritual and soulfully embodied, autonomous and intimate, to work and to love.  

Integrative yoga classes and private therapy sessions held Observatory and Claremont, Cape Town

“The great epochs of our lives are when we re-baptize our badness as the best in us” Nietzsche

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