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Shadow Illumination Yoga

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In Service to Transformation

Dear Womxn, I am delighted that you found me….are you ready for a full body/being make-over?

Transformation is essentially a metaphysical term signifying the process of 'having a make-over'. To undergo a make-over is to partake in the alchemical process of turning metaphorical base metals into gold, which can take place on one or more levels:  


According to the ancient wisdom of the Orient, specifically the 5000-year plus yoga tradition, the body is viewed as being made up of five layers, or bodies or ‘koshas’ in Sanskrit. The Annamaya kosha is our physical body, with which we are most familiar as we can see and touch it. Then, with increasing subtlety and likened to the layers of and onion, there is the Pranamaya kosha (breath body), the Manomaya kosha (emotional body), the Vijnanamaya kosha (intellect body) and finally the Anandamaya kosha (bliss body), with the individual Soul (Jivatman) being connected to the Supersoul (Paramatman/God/Goddess/Source/ The Universe/The Force) - the latter which permeates every aspect of existence. In recent years, quantum physics has verified the existence of these layers, and we can appreciate that all of these koshas are inextricably linked: if something goes awry in one layer, it affects all of the other layers… The last place for dysregulation to show up is in the Annamaya kosha (physical body), which is the kosha that conventional allopathic medicine aims to (but most often fails to) treat.


With the offerings below, you will be able to experience a make-over on multiple levels (koshas). You can choose either a single modality on offer, or more than one, based on your needs and desires.

Currently based in Windhoek (Namibia) & operating online, world-wide:

One:one private yoga classes, therapy sessions and workshops

Online therapy sessions and workshops


Package 1 Mooncycle wisdom

(available in-person in Windhoek, as well as online)


This is for you if:

1) You want to have a physical make-over by balancing your hormones, naturally (with enhanced energy levels, fertility, libido, and weight loss, and reduced menstrual pain and food cravings, for example);

2) You want to have a make-over on the more subtle layers as well, with increased self-awareness and by redesigning your life to support the four hormonal and metaphysical phases of your unique menstrual cycle, in harmony with the phases of the lunar cycle: When (and how) is most conducive to practice self-care, to socialise, nest, clear the womb space, manifest your intentions, operate in community and sisterhood, ask for a raise, go within, be kinky, do shadow work, to name a few;

3) You want to be more in touch with your intuition and your inner navigation system, by learning how to consult your heart, womb and yoni (pussy) for answers and to use these power centers to follow your bliss and pleasure in life – your Divine birth right as pussy power!

4) You are challenged by the following: poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, difficult periods, thyroid and adrenal issues, premature aging, infertility, low libido, low self-worth, childhood maltreatment/trauma, addiction, and a lack of general passion or zest for life.

5) You want to learn how to live life more from your ‘feminine side’, as opposed to an overly masculine and unbalanced way of being and doing things in the world.

For more information click HERE , read through the relevant info and scroll down to Package 1.

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Package 2 Shadow work

(available in-person in Windhoek, as well as online)


This is for you if you want a LIFE make-over and:

1) You want to cognitively integrate childhood trauma, which we have all experienced, especially of not being able to authentically express ourselves, as well as to release this trauma on a cellular and tissue level;

2) You want to discover what gifts, as well as which limiting beliefs are hidden in your shadow (unconscious mind);

3) You want to create your reality from the inside out, in full Sovereignty, by rewriting your original wounding and your limiting beliefs, by being the Self-author of your life's narrative, and by using the 'looking glass' of viewing life through the lens of being one big and Divine stage show production. On this metaphorical stage, and by using specific mythology, you can tap into the power of your archetypes of choice (prototype images such as goddesses, fairy tale and folklore heroines, role models and super heroes) and embody these at will;

4) You want the tools to help you in moments where you are being triggered by another person, a situation or your life circumstances, so that you do not get derailed in the moment and repeat the same dysfunctional patterns of behaviour or thought processes over and over again;

5) You are afflicted by anxiety and/or depression, you find yourself repeatedly attracted to the same type of (abusive) man, co-depending relationships, circumstances and situations, where the undesirable overarching themes always stay the same, even when the context or the people involved change; you feel powerless to manifesting the life partner or financial and other abundance you desire; you feel like you do not even know who you really are, as you have had to abide your life by the prescriptions of parents, family, society, religion, or culture.

For more information click HERE, read through the relevant info and and scroll down to Package 2. For background on shadow work, click HERE

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Package 3 Tantric solo practices

(available in-person in Windhoek, as well as online)


This is for you if you have a yoni egg and:

1) You want a make-over in all five koshic layers mentioned above, by toning the pelvic floor, balancing your hormones and subjugating sexual energy in the sacral chakra, to more refined forms in the higher chakras, which will have a ripple effect on your whole life;

2) You want to clear trauma from the womb space, whether it be current, past- or trans-generational, and become a magnet for what you envision for your life by using 'sexual energy magic' and by increasing the vibration of your subtle bodies;

3) You want to de-armour the yoni and cervix - we as women store so much stress, tension as well as trauma in our yonis (pussies) causing our tissues so become 'armoured' and our energy to become blocked. Through specific forms of visualisation, acupressure, and working with mythology, we can release those imprints and contraction in the sacral chakra, opening ourselves up to experiencing much greater levels of pleasure, in all walks of life.

4) You want to connect with your female reproductive landscape, and awaken your juicy sexuality as a woman to experience more desirable kinds of sex, more pleasure during love making, an increased capacity to communicate your wants and needs with your partner, and experience more creativity and play in life;

5) You want to create more self-love through the self-care practices introduced here, as well as open the throat chakra to communicate your boundaries with significant others.

6) You go into the 'fight/flight/freeze' response during love-making, or experience painful or unsatisfactory sex, or you have a low libido, or feel numb in your yoni or breasts when stimulated, or cannot communicate what you want in bed, or do not know what your desires are and what you find erotic. 

For more information click HERE, read through the relevant info and and scroll down to Package 3. For yoni egg and wand purchases, visit the online shop HERE. 


Private Yivamukti-inspired Yoga Classes

(available in-person in Windhoek, for both men and womxn)


This is for you if:

1) You want to have a make-over in all of your koshas (mentioned above), through the following: building physical strength and flexibility, pranayam (breathing) techniques, meditation, chanting mantra, and through engaging in philosophical discussion. 


2) You would like to obtain a healthy weight (and maintain it), as this type of yoga is a workout in and of itself and it cleanses your subtler koshas, helping reduce cravings and you becoming aware of how what you put into your body, influences you on a psycho-emotional-physiological level, so that you can make healthy dietary and life-style choices.  

3) You want to learn how to become calm, collected, and mindful  in your everyday life.

4) You want to have a more in-depth experience of yoga as a life practice, with spiritual and ethical considerations brought to you in its original form and structure, based on the Vedic sutras of thousands of years ago - this is NOT a watered-down version of power yoga aimed only at increasing fitness levels. 

5) You lack boundaries, tend to engage in self-destructive behaviours such as addiction and tend to attract or stay in abusive relationships. 

6) You are a beginner or at intermediate level of yoga.

For more information click HERE .

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Sacred Sensual Adornment - belly beads

(available in Namibia)


This is for you if:

1) You secretly wish you could dress like and/or adorn yourself like a goddess, but you don't know where to start.

2) You want to stand out, be noticed, and be different than the norm by wearing a beautiful string of belly beads: 

        - with your swimsuit

        - over a dress or a skirt

        - with lingery for your lover or for a burlesque show

        - as a compliment to you belly dance outfit

        - on your bare skin, accentuating your natural curves

3) You want to become more connected to your womb space and the intuition which resides there.

4) You want to gift your daughter with a sacred gift on the day that she is coming of age.

5) You want to own a ceremonial string of beads with crystals, feather, shells and talismans, reserved for ritual and ceremonial purposes. 

For more information on the historical and conventional uses of belly beads, the materials used, prices and pictures, visit the online shop HERE, read through the relevant info and  and scroll down to where the belly beads are displayed. 

Yoni crystals.jpeg

Yoni Crystals - eggs, wands, and boxes

(available in Namibia)


This is for you want to have a make-over in all of your koshas, and

1) You want to heal trauma stored in the pelvis - from miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse, painful gynecological procedures, every-day stress and tension, 'armouring' of the yoni, and past-life and trans-generational trauma. 


2) You want to increase your capacity to experience pleasure within the contexts of sacred sexual self-stimulation, making love to your partner, as well as going about your every day life, where even chores can become pleasurable.

3) You want to remove energetic blockages from your meridian system (energy channels) and increase the vibration of your subtle energetic koshas

4) You want to use divination and increase your ability to magnatise/attract what you want into your life. 

5) You want to balance your hormones, prepare for child birth or recover from childbirth.

6) You want to cultivate a daily/weekly self-care practice, which will help you generate female sexual energy as well as be a steward thereof. 

For 1:1 yoni egg sessions, click HERE and scroll down to Package 3. For yoni egg and wand purchases, visit the online shop HERE. 

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Temple Dance Classes - SOON TO COME!

(available in-person in Windhoek, as well as online)


This is for you if:

1) You want to learn more about making ritual and Goddess worship (the Goddess within and without), a part of your every day life, such as altar building and offering incense to the Divine.

2) You want to express your divinity by means of sacred adornment, with, for example, belly beads, head pieces, sarongs, ceremonial jewelry, feminine and flowing skirts, coin belts, decorated bras, make-up made from natural ingredients, ankle chains, and toe rings.

3) You want to learn sacred sensual dance, through mudra (sacred hand-gestures), pranams (offerings), tribal fusion belly dance and sacred burlesque.

4) You want to learn about the Nitya Devi's (lunar Goddesses) which preside over each lunar tithi (day) - their qualities and how you can harness their energies on particular lunar days - through chanting their mantras (Sanskrit invocations), and drawing their yantras (sacred geometry).

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Past and Upcoming Events

(available in-person and online)


This is an invitation to stay updated with upcoming events such as workshops and sisterhood circles. To get a sense of what have been presented in the past, click HERE for recurring past events and send me an email HERE for subscribing to newsletters on future events.

Allow me to help you heal and thrive by discovering and embodying your unique archetypal life purpose

Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, is an alchemical goddess archetype, symbolising the transformative and creative power of Love. Born from the foam of the sea (the ocean being a symbol for the unconscious or shadow), with her golden effulgence (gold, being the transforming philosopher's stone) and muse-like function, she ignites and prompts passion, creativity and union of opposites. The Sanskrit term for union is "Yoga", and Aphrodite facilitates union of antagonistic qualities by means of consummation - the desire to know and be known - and communion of heart, mind and soul, with consequent new growth in the psychological, emotional and spiritual spheres. Although I recognise various archetypes operating within myself, Aphrodite is my paradeigma, a Greek term for “an essential patterned essence to be embodied or reduplicated and expressed in an individual’s life”.


For me personally, Aphrodite is this “Archetype of You”, or simply put, one's unique spirit signature, implied in Carl Jung’s rather large concept of the Self Archetype. It is her that I draw on in my calling of a self-transcending and value-giving service to humanity, in the name of transformation. By calling on this archetype, I endeavour to be an agent in discovering YOUR unique “Archetype of You”, your ground plan for this life, to embody, of which you get glimpses in those moments when you feel really alive, inspired, excited, and passionate. It is that archetype which is infused in your inherent manner of being and self-expression, your style of play, creativity, loving, and work. While it is not visibly observable, it is intuitively felt and noticed.  

For more background on my journey, see ABOUT

Whether it be through integrative yoga teachings, or shadow work, or mindfulness-based values aligned behavioural therapy, or healing of trauma wounds, or, specifically for women, Taoist tantra, hormone balancing and womb care, I am devoted to healing the womb/hara space with the purpose of facilitating union between the divine feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) principles: the archetypal Hieros Gamos which includes to be both active and receptive, spiritual and soulfully embodied, autonomous and intimate, to work and to love.  

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“The great epochs of our lives are when we re-baptize our badness as the best in us” Nietzsche

Om Sagara Namah, paying refuge to the ocean, by Vedanta teacher, Sharada, at the Vaidika school.  

Sagara mantra - Shaaradaa
Shadow Illumination Yoga: Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga and Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution (SAGE).
Shadow Illumination Yoga: Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga and Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution (SAGE).
Shadow Illumination Yoga: Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga and Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution (SAGE).
Shadow Illumination Yoga: Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga and Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution (SAGE).
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