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Life as Mythical Stage Show (online workshop series)

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Product Details

Life as Mythical Stage Show consists of 6 sessions, which are for all practical purposes, shadow work sessions. To read more on what the shadow and shadow work is, as well as the rationale, please see WHY SHADOW WORK?.

One of these sessions entails the completion of an intake form, as well as the discovery of your dominant god/goddess archetypes, by means of my Seven-Greek-Goddess-Archetype questionnaire. In addition to receiving and in-depth manual of the five-step process taught during these sessions, the genealogy, mythology, characteristics, and shadow qualities of the seven Greek goddesses, or an e-book on seven Greek gods will also be provided, depending on your gender.

With respect to both light and dark aspects of the goddess archetypes, I teach a curated five-step "Life as mythical stage show practice" TM, whereby one’s unconscious limiting beliefs/stories/schemas are systematically rewritten to create one’s reality from a space of love, in line with one's values and life purpose. This method draws on the modalities of Acceptance Commitment therapy, Somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and Depth psychology. The aim is to both deal effectively with one's emotional triggers as well as use the trigger to tap important information locked away in the unconscious mind, essentially digging for the gold in an alchemical/transformative process. By consciously writing the script of your life and transforming your inner world, your outer world will naturally follow suit.

Sessions include:

- The theory behind complex trauma, Jungian psychology, shadow work and other relevant modalities, which will be applied in the 6 sessions.

- The identification of a recurring, emotional trigger or projection (introduced by people you have an intimate relationship with, situations, and/or events in your life), to which you respond with a disproportionate reaction (an overreaction), which we will be working with throughout the entire 6 sessions.

- Tools to defuse a trigger scenario.

- Discovering the limiting core beliefs which underlie your trigger scenario, as well as the antidote replacement beliefs and values-directed bahaviours which are line with your antidote archetype of choice. By the end of the 6th session, the limiting belief will have been transformed to that of the antidote belief, on psychological, neuro-physiological and behavioural levels.

- Exploration of 7 Greek Goddess archetypes, establishing to what extent each is operating in your life, in both healthy and unhealthy ways, and the harnessing of their beneficial aspects in your trigger scenario.

- Working with the central- and autonomic nervous system, in moving from freeze/dissociation, fight/flight, or socialization (people pleasing), to a state of increased vagal tone, when you have been triggered.

- Somatic and embodiment work, integrating and releasing childhood trauma, and using active imagination.

- Identifying the sacred needs of all of your parts in your psyche, including that of your inner exiled child's.

- Weaving the Greek story of Psyche and Eros, as well as Greek myth "Who get the golden apple", into your daily life, where you will be embarking on your own heroic journey, in mythological terms: a journey of with ease and grace, moving back and forth between the underworld (personal and collective unconscious) and the upperworld (conscious mind and the mundane, every-day living), so as to integrate the unconscious with the conscious.

Investment: Package 2 consists of 6 sessions, valued at R5 290 (USD 360), to be paid prior to session commencement.

Course material:

  • Session-specific background material, theory and practice descriptions will be emailed to you prior to each session (27 pages in total).
  • The Goddess archetype questionnaire, as well as the 29-page Greek Goddess archetype profile manual will be send prior to the fifth session for women. For men, an e-book on seven Greek gods will be provided.
  • At the end of the six sessions a guided meditation encompassing the entire five-step practice, in the form of an audio, will be send as well.
  • You will be added to a WhatsApp group where guidance, support and inspiration can be shared, related to this work.

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Online or In-person One:One Session Packages

Purchases which require making direct contact via email: 


Upon purchasing Package One and Two below, please email your Payfast Proof of Payment to I will then liaise with you, with regard to scheduling sessions, and discuss how to process either with sessions taking place in person or over Skype, as well as send the relavant course material.

Package 1 (Mooncycle wisdom) course material: 

The 33-page womb care manual will be emailed to you, prior to sessions commencement.

Package 2 (Life as Mythical Stage Show) course material: 

  • Session-specific background material, theory and practice descriptions will be emailed to you prior to each session (27 pages in total).

  • The Goddess archetype questionnaire, as well as the 29-page Greek Goddess archetype profile manual will be send prior to the fifth session.

  • After Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, guidance of each respective practice, in the form of an audio file, will be send as well. 

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Product sales only within South Africa. International sales only available for Package 1 & 2..

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