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Venus retrograde in Scorpio and Navaratri 2018

This is a big shout out of gratitude and admiration to all the women out there who periodically makes the descend into the underworld, especially in this pertinent "shadowy" time of Venus restrograde, whether it be voluntarily or not - sometimes we need a Hades in the form of life events/people/relationships to abduct us as young naive maiden Persephone's, in order to make that descend, other times we do so willingly and cyclically, when Persephone has progressed from being maiden/kore to being Queen of the Underworld, or, like the goddess Inanna who visited her sister Ereshkigal in the underworld, on her own behalf.

Regardless of how or how often we choose to go look for the treasure hidden in the unconscious mind, it makes my heart sing to witness how women are rising to the occasion, slaying the demon Mahisha (the predator in the Psyche who wants to sabotage our evolution), like the fierce Goddess Durga Devi, by bringing it into the upper world (consciousness).

Jai Durga Ma!!!

Om Parashaktyai Namah!!!

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