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The first in a series of Queen’s Command workshops: The mysteries of sovereign sexuality.

ǀ Using your difficult, underworldly/dark experiences in relation to sexuality,

as fuel, to evolve from maiden to Queen ǀ

Three-day Workshop Series Introduction:

When, due to childhood traumatic imprinting, a woman is in a state of freeze, fight/flight or people pleasing, she is dis-embodied and divorced from her inner navigation system as well as her capacity to create healthy and sovereign love relationships. For centuries we have been taught and conditioned to look outside of ourselves for validation and nourishment. Decolonising our womb spaces involves trusting our intuition and dispelling the seeds of doubt and fear planted by men who did not know they wanted to keep us small.

When the vagus nerve connecting womb, heart and throat is sufficiently activated, a woman’s truth which originates in the oracular pelvic bowl, and which is refined at the level of the heart, can be given expression to. And so the throat (inextricable linked to heart and womb) is at the interface between your inner and outer realities: when there is an un-armoured, free flow of energy through these chakras, a woman can COMMAND the reality she wants for the good of all, and she can become a conscious and active participant in the refinement of her destiny unfolding. Remember your Queendom!

The sexual current is the strongest of forces known to us, and yet we are not taught how to wield it in relation to another. This workshop series will guide you to use your metaphorical journeys into the Underworld, in the context of sexuality to forge you into becoming Queen of the Underworld, instead of staying a damsel in distress…


Whether or not you are in a romantic partnership, this workshop series is for you if:

1) You are finding yourself pendulum swinging from one extreme of sexual suppression to the other of recklessly engaging in risky sexual behaviours where there is a cost, whether it be jeopardising physical safety or just sharing your heart, body and soul with a person who is not able to meet and hold all of you.

2) You are time and again finding yourself in patterns of attracting either the same kind of unfavorable partner, not worthy to sit at your sacred sexual fire, or with relationship dynamics where you lose your sense of self and sovereignty.

3) You are in a current romantic relationship where you love your partner, but you know that the type of love making you are experiencing is not even remotely touching the full extend of tantric union you know is possible.

4) You are finding having sex to come with a lot of “baggage” in the aftermath, with bringing up either physical pain or trauma from the past.

5) You ignore your intuition time and again, and find yourself in unhealthy sexual relations because you are still operating from an inability to tend to your inner, hurt child or from limiting beliefs, inherited from your family, culture or the collective rape culture paradigm.

6) You are wishing to learn how to relate to a lover in a way that you are both exalted to God/Goddess status in each other’s eyes and hearts, both in the bedroom and beyond.

7) You don’t know yet what a full body YES or full body NO is, with these in-the-moment feeling tones and felt senses guiding your decision making process in relation to sexuality.

8) You are looking to redefine your definition of sexuality, unburdened from any preconceived ideas, limiting beliefs, traumatic imprints, energetic blockages and systemic prescriptions.

Workshopping will include the following:

1) Background theory and practical tools:

  • Being introduced to the Mysteries around what sexuality as an alchemical paradigm looks like and how we can consciously steward and alchemise this powerful force.

  • Releasing imprints from past lovers, trauma and transgenerational baggage from the womb space, both physically and energetically.

  • Learning how to prevent further armouring from occurring, and to de-armour at the level of the cervix (an organ responsible for so much bliss and ecstasy, once de-armoured), even in the context of a healthy romantic partnership.

  • Learning how to lovingly take care of yoni/womb by creating physical, emotional, energetic, and neurological safety and to advocate for your body, whether with a current or future lover/partner.

  • Learning how to restore and cultivate a deep connection to your discerning inner oracle/knowing, so as to allow for that to be the primary and moment-to-moment guiding force of your life: no longer will you forsake and abandon yourself in relation to another. 

  • If you are single, learning how to command what you want in the manifestation of a well-suited beloved, and if you are in partnership, how to command love making and everything around that to be only alchemical/transformational.

  • Learning about the four phases of the menstrual cycle and how your sexuality changes from one week to the next, based on the hormones at play.

  • Introducing the magic of mythology and the archetypes, of the Goddesses of love/sexuality and beauty, including their shadow sides, in relation to the ancient Sacred Prostitute archetype.

  • Learning how the archetype of Persephone plays out in your daily life and how to evolve from being Persephone the Kore (maiden) to become Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, by using our metaphorical abductions into the Underworld.

2) Guided meditation:

With the use of visualization, Yantra (sacred geometry), Pranayama (breath control) and mudra (sacred hand gestures), you will be guided into the Mysteries of sovereign sexuality.

3) Sharing:

Sitting in circle sharing our stories, experiences, questions and victories in a safe space – so much healing already takes place by way of just witnessing each other’s trials, tribulations and transformation.

4) Movement:

With a combination of belly dance and burlesque technique and movement and the use of sexy/sensual and empowering music, the Goddess within will be given expression to in a real and embodied way.

WhatsApp group:

A WhatsApp group will be created, for questions as they arise, support, and sharing of relevant documents, audios, videos and e-books.


14, 15, 16 July. In total, workshop time amounts to nine hours, allowing for reflecting, processing and integration time over the course of the three days. We will also be planting the seeds of being initiated into our Queendom, with the New Moon on Monday (17 July) amplifying our intentions, which will come into full fruition with the next Full Moon.

Friday 14th: 5pm – 8pm

Saturday 15th: 2pm – 5pm

Sunday 16th: 10am – 1pm


NAD 3300/person, including tea and healthy snacks, a comprehensive, 25-page manual, two e-books, and two guided meditation audios.

For bookings and queries: Contact Dr. Monet at

ǀ Instead of increasing your window of tolerance to trauma and pain, ensure your capacity to experience pleasure/bliss to limitlessly expand ǀ

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