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Sacred Moon Cycle Ceremony

Rewilding ǀ Goddess ǀ Arts


Sisters, join us for an evening gathered in sacred circle with the upcoming New Moon, where we celebrate the life/death/life cycles, Sovereignty and each other! The invitation is to support one another in letting go of personal and collective trauma, to re-member and experience the art of what it means to be an authentic, untamed, and liberated womxn in a modern world and to steward our sacred bliss/pleasure in practical ways: walking of The Beauty Way, for the good of all and harm to none.

We will be:

  • Casting circle and moving through a delicious Paradise guided meditation.

  • De-mystifying what Sacred Sensuality is, how to experience it on a daily basis, regardless of circumstances, and the importance of cultivating It and the Pleasure Principle for our nourishment and sustenance.

  • Face yoga drawing from the meridian system (acupressure points) in combination with divination/affirmations.

  • Ritual with intention setting and burning what no longer serves around a fire, ecstatic dance and sharing.

  • Feasting along with the opportunity for anybody to perform and item of Self-expression, whether it be dance, poetry, spoken word, singing, or playing of a musical instrument.


Venue: To be announced to those who sign up

Date: Sunday, 25 September 2022

Time: 6pm

To bring: Healthy snacks to share and your elixir of choice for afterwards, a cushion/pillow, blanket, paper and pen, musical instruments (optional). Tea will be provided.

Investment: NAD 350

Bookings: Contact Dr Monet at monet.khandroma@outlook.com, or +264815830893

Facilitators: Dr Monet @monetkhandroma; Conny-Lee Barnard @unframed_wellness

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About Dr Monet:

Monet spent more than a decade in the world of the academia, where she obtained a doctorate in researching how childhood trauma/maltreatment, anxiety proneness and psychological illness manifest in the brain and the endocrine- and immune-systems. Alongside her studies, she pursued a persistent passion for holistic, indigenous-rooted womb wellness as well as interventions stemming from the ancient wisdom traditions of the East: yoga and mindfulness, Vedic philosophy, and classical tantra. Her exploration also included a nine-month long course in the arts of priestess-hood, with Jumana Sophia, from Her Mystery School. In addition, she explored many dance forms, where she now specialises in ritual theatre and tribal fusion temple belly dance.

Spurred on by her own journey with childhood trauma, hormonal imbalances and burnout, Monet combined her knowledge of chronobiology (how every system in the body has its own rhythm) with preserved womb wisdom predating the Patriarchal paradigm, in coaching on holistic yoni/womb wellness and hormonal vitality. Monet completed a yoga teacher training course, and trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Monet also extensively explored the role of mythology, symbolism and goddess archetypes in the context of facilitating shadow work and she curated a tailored therapy approach by combining depth psychology with her training in trauma treatment, with modalities such as Internal Family Systems (IFS) and trauma-based somatic healing.

Instagram: monetkhandroma

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About Conny-Lee:

Conny-Lee is a Wellness Consultant, passionate about stirring women towards more balance, empowerment and optimal health. Her holistic approach to Tailored Wellness stems from her own journey and the need for healing, hence teaching/guiding from a place of deep understanding and compassion:

In response to some debilitating major life events, including a serious car accident, as well as other past trauma, and because of unsuccessful treatment by conventional western fields, Conny embarked on a holistic, healing journey by means of exploring various alternative modalities. She subsequently received training in sexual healing, Cognitive Behavoural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), as well as Homeopathy. She further obtained qualifications as a Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Practitioner and Face Yoga Practitioner.

Conny personally embraces as well as teaches the Mind-Body connection in practical ways, focusing on achieving wholesome wellness in life. She is confident that her personal transformation journey (still ever continuous and expanding) will inspire and guide women to their own alchemy.

Instagram: unframed_wellness