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Mysteries of Embodied Alchemy

Workshop Content:


This process of alchemy engages participants in a transformative journey on multiple levels - the body, heart and mind. Our offering weaves together non-dual taoist and tantrik yoga, dance, Jungian depth psychology, decolonial critique and deep ecology.



To liberate and empower our minds, we will explore key concepts and psychological processes in discussions and group processes. We will also learn how to subjugate sexual energy to higher expressions thereof in our daily lives, through our bodies, and root insights and revelations into direct felt experience. We will engage in solitary, partnered and group embodiment practices and kriyas steeped in Shamanic, Taoist and Tantrik traditions. Workshop content will be covering the following:

  • Essential principles of non-dual spirituality: Polarity, Desire, Union, Transformation, Inner Alchemy, Integration

  • Understanding how patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism have suppressed and twisted sexuality and embodiment

  • Deconstructing gender roles and binary restrictions in conscious relating

  • Decolonising sexuality in the Namibian context and historical backdrop

  • Jungian perspectives on the elementals and their roles in sacred alchemy, and encounters with mythological archetypes as primal blueprints of gender and sexuality

  • Mapping the landscape of the sacred body: prana, nadis, chakras, bindus, koshas

  • Armouring and de-armouring the physical and energy bodies

  • Intimacy, consent, and trauma: establishing safety for partnered yoga

  • Solitary yoga: Yoga, Sacred movement practices, guided meditations, and sound journeys using the breath, voice, visualization and intention

  • Partnered yoga: Introducing energetic and touch-based exchanges with fellow participants

  • Sound Journeys by Namib Yaantu and Medicine Drum Meditation by Flo

  • Facilitated and free dance around the fire

When: 10 – 12 June 2022

Who: couples and singles including any sexual orientation & gender identification

Investment: N$ 4900, payable in two installments (includes sound journeys by Namib Yaantu, activities in pristine nature, a manual & veggie meals):

Refundable only in the event of cancellation. Registration closes by 25 May. Scholarships available for select applicants. Register before 15 April for an early bird discount of N$ 500. Space is limited.

Where: a secluded game farm close to Windhoek

Contact Dr Monet at monet.khandroma@outlook.com, or at +27 76 774 9876

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About Dr Monet:


Monet spent more than a decade in the world of the academia, where she obtained a doctorate in researching how childhood trauma/maltreatment, anxiety proneness and psychological illness manifest in the brain and the endocrine- and immune-systems. Alongside her studies, she pursued a persistent passion for the ancient traditions of yoga, Vedic philosophy, Taoist tantra, womb wisdom and Buddhist mindfulness practices. In addition, she explored many dance forms, where she now specialises in ritual theatre and tribal fusion belly dance. She also extensively explored the role of mythology, symbolism and specific archetypes in the psyche, within the scope of Jungian depth psychology. Monet also combined her knowledge of chronobiology (how every system in the body has its own rhythm) with preserved womb wisdom predating the Patriarchal paradigm, as well as ancient tantric lineages, in coaching on hormone balancing, using diet, sacred self-care, life-style recommendations and practices that are in accordance with the lunar and menstrual cycles. Monet completed a yoga teacher training course, and trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Under the guidance of leading anxiety and trauma experts around the world, Monet completed two certified courses, one being a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP) Training course in eliminating anxiety, panic and worry, the other, a course concerned with today's most effective interventions for deep healing in the context of trauma treatment.

About Florian Kroll, aka Dancing Dragon:


Flo works as social researcher activist and pursues a spiritual path steeped in taoist, tantrik and shamanic methods and philosophies. He offers insights and practices derived from 30 years of qigong, yoga and dance experience, combining this with a scholarly approach that seeks to integrate the ancient wisdom teachings with contemporary insights from critical anthropology and the neurobiology of desire, pleasure, trauma, healing and consciousness. His interest and expertise are focused on the cultivation of subtle life force energy to promote wellbeing, awakening and spontaneity. Flo is a registered member of intimacy coaching international and follows its ethical guidelines to hold a safe space for clients seeking to access the creative and expansive power of their sexuality and life force to blossom.

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