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Sacred Sensual Sisterhood Retreat

ǀ Exploring Divinity through the sense portals ǀ

Due to popular demand, this is a repetition of the Sacred Sensual Sisterhood bush retreat which occurred in August this year, with an additional offering of a detox/cleanse through a sweat in a beautiful and feminine little earth lodge. With this retreat, the invitation is to engage with the content, practices, sharing and experiences, which will form the fundamentals for a follow up "Level 2" Sacred Union Retreat, due 2023, made available to men, women and non-binaries. Our sensuality/sexuality as womxn is our responsibility, first and foremost, so let us then be the stewards of our own sacred pleasure, bliss and ecstasy, which is our divine birth right, before we invite our partners/lovers to sit around our fire..!

Sisters, come retreat yourself for weekend away in pristine nature - a rustic experience of rewilding ourselves through our sensory gateways! We will be exploring what it means to be an authentic and sovereign womxn, true to our ancient lineages, within a modern context. Activities will include altar building, sacred adornment, ceremony, a detox in an earth lodge, teachings around the mysteries of the senses, including the 6th sense - that indwelling oracular presence...-, a luxurious bush bath, edible sensorial treats, ecstatic dance, star gazing, stillness nature walks and meditation, morning yoga, fire making and elemental alchemy, as well as story-telling & Chai tea around the fire. There will also be a tribal fusion-inspired temple dance performance and a Sunday market after closing - bring whatever creation or offering you would like to sell.

In relation to the Garden of Eden, so often we as womxn have been told to negate/repress our senses, as they lead us into “temptation”, or, that we are the proverbial temptresses leading men astray via their senses – blaming it on the apple-presenting snake. But…what if we can all partake in the bounty of paradise, where, according to tantric tradition, the kundalini serpent lays coiled up at the base of our spines, ready to rise up the chakra system and bring forth enlightenment and bliss? By engaging the senses in a conscious way through visualization, intention and some basic practices, one can then cultivate an ever-increasing capacity to experience sacred pleasure, and ensure the same for our partners, as we guide them into sacred sensuality though our embodiment thereof. This is in stark contrast to our large capacities to endure pain due to past trauma: by cultivating an anabolic state of being, through conscious, sacred sensuality, we come to know our True Essence and Divinity.

Dates: 25 until 27 November

Arrival time, meet and greet: 1pm on Friday

Venue: Simply Bee, a privately owned game farm situated just outside Okahandja

Investment: NAD1800 (price includes accommodation, sensual treats, audio transmissions, and a manual with content covered)

What to bring: Bedding, towels, a torch, yoga mat, blanket for outside, sarong, a hat, takkies/hiking shoes, swimsuit, elixirs to drink and ready-made meals, finger foods and snacks for Friday evening until Sunday afternoon (there will be borehole water, fridges, stoves, cooking utensils, bathroom facilities and beds available).

Bookings: Contact Dr Monet at, or +264815830893

No persons under the age of 14 please

Carpooling is encouraged and will be facilitated

Schedule outline:

Friday 25 November

12-3pm: Arrival time, meet and greet, nesting into rooms

4pm: Altar Building and Opening ceremony

6pm: Solo stillness river walks/meditation and Nature entrainment

7pm: Light supper

8pm: Temple dance performance

8h30 - 10pm: Sweat Cleanse in the Earth Lodge


Saturday 26 November

10am: Yoga and pranayama

11h30am: Brunch

12h30pm: Face painting and sacred adornment

1pm: Alchemical fire making ritual and Paradise practice

1h30pm: Teachings around the mysteries of the senses

2h30pm: Late lunch

3h30pm: Sanctification and ingestion of sensual treats

4pm: Taking turns with luxurious bush bath while others engage with content discussions

6pm: Ecstatic dance

8pm: Informal evening:

  • ​Late supper

  • Story-telling & Chai tea around the fire

  • Star gazing

  • Party!


Sunday 27 November

8am: Stillness Nature walk for early risers

10am: Brunch, Face painting and sacred adornment

1pm: Guided meditation; talk on restoration of virginity and the archetype of Aphrodite

3pm: Closing of circle

3 - 4 pm: Sunday market

If you are just in survival mode, feeling depleted, afraid, spun-out, insecure, overwhelmed and like life is just coming way to close and right on top of you, the last thing you feel like you have access to is pleasure, right? But I would like to invite you to explore, with the support of sisters, that connection to your secret inner garden which needs regular tending so that it can come to fruition and you can also share the fruits with others. With this retreat, we will learn how to raise our own fire and move our own energy so that we can be sovereign, regardless of circumstances. To allow for your need for beauty, nourishment and comfort, in the moment, to lead the way towards fulfillment: this is what is means to follow your pleasure. It is like taking a tonic which you make yourself, specific to your present needs/desires.

We are moving away from old, outdated conditioning from the over culture, to learn and grow not through suffering anymore, not by responding to pain, but by following our pleasure, our Divine Birth right! This is not escapism, but a deconditioning of ourselves from relying on something/someone external to meet our needs of feeling beautiful, valued and to feel pleasure, arousal and excitement. Whatever you are facing and whatever the world is going through, you can have the confidence that you are able to self-source and fill your cup on the daily. And what better place to explore this, than in the paradise of Mother Nature herself…

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About Dr Monet:

Monet spent more than a decade in the world of the academia, where she obtained a doctorate in researching how childhood trauma/maltreatment, anxiety proneness and psychological illness manifest in the brain and the endocrine- and immune-systems. Alongside her studies, she pursued a persistent passion for holistic, indigenous-rooted womb wellness as well as interventions stemming from the ancient wisdom traditions of the East: yoga and mindfulness, Vedic philosophy, and classical tantra. Her exploration also included a nine-month long course in the arts of priestess-hood, with Jumana Sophia, from Her Mystery School. In addition, she explored many dance forms, where she now specialises in ritual theatre and tribal fusion temple belly dance.

Spurred on by her own journey with childhood trauma, hormonal imbalances and burnout, Monet combined her knowledge of chronobiology (how every system in the body has its own rhythm) with preserved womb wisdom predating the Patriarchal paradigm, in coaching on holistic yoni/womb wellness and hormonal vitality. Monet completed a yoga teacher training course, and trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Monet also extensively explored the role of mythology, symbolism and goddess archetypes in the context of facilitating shadow work and she curated a tailored therapy approach by combining depth psychology with her training in trauma treatment, with modalities such as Internal Family Systems (IFS) and trauma-based somatic healing.

Instagram: monetkhandroma

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