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About Dr. MonetViljoen

Taoist Tantra, Life Coaching,
Womb Wisdom, Jivamukti-inspired Yoga

I am a neurophysiologist (PhD), Jivamukti-inspired yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Temple and Tribal fusion belly dancer, and Tantrika. I am devoted to healing the womb/hara space, corresponding to the Svadhisthana (sacral) chakra, by fusing various healing modalities. In doing so, union between the divine feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) principles can be facilitated.

Sacral Chakra Healing, Windhoek (Namibia)


The sacral chakra is the temple for honouring the purity of sensual desires, creative thinking, joy, passion and pleasure, being guided by appropriate emotion, and maintaining positive relationships. It also provides a channel for moving energy toward higher states of consciousness. However, all human beings are subjected to adverse childhood experiences, which directly implicates the dark side of the sacral chakra: fear of engaging with people, addiction, giving up your own desires and inclination to please others, excessive need for validation or adulation, lacking purpose, co-dependency, jealousy and envy. In addition, the sacral chakra fuels unconscious mental and behavioural patterns (our shadow, the hidden aspects of our psyche). Therefore healing of the sacral chakra is not possible without doing shadow work. My own journey with my sacral chakra warranted a tattoo on my back and evolved in the following ways:

Dr Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution


My Journey

I spent more than a decade in the world of the academia, where I obtained a doctorate in researching how childhood trauma/maltreatment and psychological illness manifest in the brain and the endocrine- and immune-systems. While maintaining much respect and admiration for the realm of Science, I have always felt that something was missing in this linear approach of investigation that ignores the more subtle expressions of life. This, in combination with receiving years of unsuccessful traditional psychotherapy - in an attempt to deal with my wounded relationship with the masculine - have led me to extend my research to the East and the esoteric.


I then consequently, alongside my studies, pursued a persistent passion for the ancient traditions of yoga, Vedic philosophy, Taoist tantra, womb wisdom and Buddhist mindfulness practices. In addition, I explored many dance forms, where I most resonate with the feminine art of pelvic floor–rooted dancing, especially in tribal fusion belly dancing. Within the scope of Jungian depth psychology, in my own personal so-called descent to the underworld, I also extensively explored how the unconscious mind works and influences the way we perceive reality, our beliefs, the choices we make, and the way we behave. This level of understanding was obtained by investigating the roles of mythology, symbolism and specific archetypes in the psyche. Taken together, in my alchemical journey, I found profound healing on a holistic level by drawing on all of the above lineages.


With the aim of helping others to heal to the extent that I have healed and integrated various aspects of myself, I completed a yoga teacher training course, based on authentic Vedic discourse, and also trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is a mindfulness-and-values-based behaviour therapy. By combining the modalities of ACT, Internal Family Systems, yoga, Jungian psychology and myth, I created the "Life as mythical stage show" (TM) practice whereby one’s unconscious limiting beliefs are systematically rewritten to create one’s reality from a place of love, awareness and power. Furthermore, aimed specifically at women, I also combined my knowledge of chronobiology (how every system in the body has its own rhythm) with preserved womb wisdom predating the Patriarchal system (i.e., more than 5000 years ago) and Taoist tantra, in coaching on hormone balancing, using diet, sacred self-care and life-style recommendations that are in accordance with the lunar and menstrual cycles.

I invite you on a quest away from victimhood, to individuation and embodiment of archetypes that support your dreams and living your values. This is the hero’s (heroine’s) path of finding, losing and rediscovering what gives meaning to you, and holding on to these values in all kinds of circumstances that test you.


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Since tantra accepts desire as the prime motivating force of the universe, it does not ask its aspirants to renounce desire. Other spiritual sciences advice the avoidance of desire....Yet one is left with the paradox that to achieve desirelessness, one must have a strong desire - to be desireless!... A person's psyche is strongly influenced and conditioned by the quality of the object of his or her desire. 

Harish Johari, Tools for Tantra 

Photo credit: Angelika Kollin Photography and Cherian Silverwolf Warrington. 

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