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Women are influenced by powerful inner forces/archetypes, which can be personified by goddesses, shaping their behaviour and influencing their emotions. Outer forces/stereotypes - the roles to which society expects woman to conform - reinforce some goddess patterns and repress others. Once a woman becomes aware of these unconscious, archetypally driven impulses, she can then become a steward of these forces in that she can consciously side-step the shadow and sabotaging aspects of these archetypes, as well as know when to employ which archetype under different circumstances and in various situations. In doing so, she acquires a sense of sovereignty and radical self-authority, sometimes by making choices others might not encourage.


Every woman cannot resist living out a pattern determined by an underlying goddess archetype until she is conscious that such a pattern exists and seeks to fulfil itself through her. To read more about a personal account of embodying the archetypes of goddesses Aphrodite, versus Artemis, within the context of the forest retreat venue, follow this link HERE. What sets a heroine apart from a victim, is, the heroine is aware of how she is shaping her reality based on the choices she makes and creates, whereas the victim shifts responsibility onto others or remain at cross roads forever.


Come embrace your inner Wild Woman with this intensive workshop-based retreat! It will require of you to embrace a rustic lifestyle of camping in a forest and immersing yourself in the indigenous land around - step away from the seemingly sheltered life of the city, then take the medicine back to your family and friends, where you have learned how to be the primary narrator/choreographer of your heroine’s life story. This is an invitation to become aware of and to give authentic expression to your innate goddess (and other) archetypes, on the backdrop of working with the elementals, where the forest-dwelling conditions will entice you to re-wild your inborn wolf or feline nature…


  • To secure your spot (refundable only in the event of retreat postponement, due to unforeseen circumstances), please make payment by latest Tuesday 8 june, by contacting Monet: monet.khandroma@outlook.com/076 774 9876. Once POP has been received, a Greek Goddess Archetype questionnaire will be emailed to you, to be filled in and emailed back.


  • Venue: Pachamama Forest Retreat, close to Knysna (directions will be provided upon payment).


  • Dates: 11 – 13 May.


  • Investment: R1800. Includes a comprehensive manual, with the genealogy, mythology, characteristics, and shadow qualities of seven Greek goddesses, the use of the communal kitchen area and bathrooms, as well as four main vegetarian meals (please specify for vegan options). The investment EXCLUDES accommodation: Camping in your own tent - R100/person/night. Cabins - R400/person/night; R200 for 2 women sharing. 


  • What to bring: Please bring enough food for two breakfasts, one lunch and snacks in between, your camping gear, warm clothes, a yoga mat and/or meditation “nest”, a backpack and hiking shoes. More details on what to bring and expect will be provided to those who will be attending.  


  • Schedule for the weekend, hosted by Monet and Maridi, and co-facilitated by selected community residents:


- Arrival and settling in: 12pm till 5pm

- Gathering and dinner: 5pm

- Fire ceremony, guided meditation, sisterhood circle and dancing with Monet : 8pm till 10pm



- Yoga with Monet: 8am till 9am

- Breakfast (self-catering): 9am to 10am

- One-on-one selection of antidote goddess archetype with Monet: 10 am till 1pm

-Lunch: 1pm till 2pm

- Constellation therapy with Maridi: 2pm till 5pm