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Yoni eggs:


Yoni eggs were traditionally used by Asian women for female sexual energy cultivation because a yoni egg practice was believed to nourish JING. JING is the life force energy of the body, the sexual energy known to be responsible for health and youthfulness. The Jade egg practice, as it was traditionally known, used to be a secret known only to royalty and the highest classes of society in ancient China, where the Empress, wives and concubines of the nobles were able to connect fully with their sensual energy and experience full orgasmic bliss during sex – and ensure the same for their partners.  It also ensured that they remained youthful, radiant and vital as well as powerfully sexually-active well into old age. Fortunately for the modern woman, Yoni Eggs have come to the West…

Just as we work out the body to increase health and strength, we work out our yoni (vagina) for the same reasons. Women have many muscles and tendons in the pelvic region that must be well toned if we are to experience radiant health. When our vagina and pelvic region are cultivated through educated exercise and visualization, we prevent prolapse, sagging of the internal organs, premature aging and we increase sexual satisfaction. The practice of Qigong focuses on keeping the lower abdominal region (the tan then) educated and toned. Vaginal Qigong cultivates the yoni so that she remains radiant, youthful, juicy and strong.

Some of the benefits of a yoni egg practice include:

• strengthening your pelvic floor and yoni muscles, and by doing so, preventing pelvic organ

(uterus, bladder, vagina, small intestine, rectum) prolapse and loss of bladder control;

• preparing for, or recovering from childbirth;

• balancing hormones and reducing symptoms of PMS;

• healing sexual trauma (abuse, miscarriage, abortion, difficult childbirth);

• increasing creativity, passion, libido, as well as yoni lubrication;

• increasing the depth, intensity and frequency of orgasm for both partners;

• stepping into the embodiment of what it truly means to be a fully empowered sexual and sensual women.

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Yoni wands:

We are living in a hyper-active world with endless to-do lists, chronic stress, simultaneously managing career and household demands, and being bombarded with the news and social media, to name only a few. Furthermore, all of this is running on the backdrop of past and current adverse/traumatic experiences of which our bodies keep the score. Our bodies hold on to big traumas, such as sexual abuse, miscarriage and abortion, as well as to micro-trauma that happen to all of us, all the time. Micro-traumatic insults occur when we receive something inside of us when we are not ready, for example, being penetrated when not fully lubricated and aroused, saying yes when we actually feel no, using painful menstrual products, and experiencing pain or discomfort during sex/unsatisfying sexual experiences and gynaecological procedures. Based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the way in which the body hold on to these insults is through a process of learnt armouring/protection, where it has intelligently found a way to not feel as much as it could - a kind of numbing and tightening. He noticed that a person's tissue distorts in 7 areas, which happen to correlate with the chakra system, so as to protect the body. This guarding or chronic "holding" is a state of unconscious contraction within the body which can limit energy moving through the body, causing a stagnation or blockage. One of the primary areas we experience this is in the pelvis, especially the cervix.

Because the cervix and the central nervous system are connected via the hypogastric, pelvic and vagus nerves, it is of paramount importance to de-armour the cervix, to facilitate the release of trauma imprints and opening up and surrendering to all of life. A yoni wand practice is an excellent way of accomplishing this: not only will feeling and pleasurable sensation be restored to the yoni and cervix, increasing the likelihood of experiencing G-spot and cervical orgasms, but one’s capacity to experience connection with one-self, partner and every aspect of life will also expand.

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Smudge bundles:

Smudge bundles have been used for thousands of years, across cultures all over the world,

to energetically and physically clear, cleanse, and sanctify objects and spaces.

Research has also provided evidence for the antiseptic effects of smudge smoke on air-borne particles  as well as favourable neuro-biological, topical and breathing outcomes.

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Chinese herbs:

Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient system of healthcare which dates back to more than two thousand years, and takes a holistic approach of diagnosis and treatment and addresses both the symptoms and the root causes of illness. Unlike some modern approaches to herbal medicine which isolate and extract a single pharmaco-active component of a herb, for example, Silymarin from Milk Thistle, Chinese medicine  draws on the intelligence of a whole plant where all of it is included, and is combined in synergy with other plants in specific formulations. These formulations encourage the body to heal itself naturally, restoring balance to the body’s systems, thereby both treating and preventing illness. Chinese herbal treatments have little or no side effects when used appropriately.
Please refer to the list below for the most common formulations to be used for female hormonal imbalances. However, it is important to visit a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner for a more appropriate diagnosis of Chinese Herbal Medicine, individualized according to your specific pattern. My personal recommendation is Dr. Vinay Jagjivan (contact:, who had years of experience, specifically with women’s gynaecological concerns. 

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Belly (waist) beads:

Traditionally: The sacred women’s practice of wearing belly beads date back as far as ancient Egypt, where paintings of dancers wearing the beads appear on tomb walls, with belly beads signifying status. In other parts of Africa, historians posit that the tradition of waist beads has been around at least since the 15th century and may have originated among the Yoruba tribes, now practiced mainly in Nigeria and in West Africa, notably Ghana. In these and other indigenous cultures, coming-of-age girls would receive their first set of belly beads from their mothers, upon the arrival of their first bleed, marking a beautiful rite of passage into womanhood.  Other uses of these beads, which are typically worn at all times (even while bathing or sleeping), include gifting to young women about to marry or birth a baby, or wearing the beads while pregnant, or, specifically in the Zambezi region of Namibia, as well as in Malawi, Zambia and other parts of Angola and Zimbabwe, the beads are used to entice husbands. Senegalese and Yoruban women, in particular, heightened their allure with the gentle clicking of sweetly perfumed tiny bead strands worn around the waist underneath their clothing. Belly beads also serve as symbols of sensuality, fertility, initiation femininity, maturity, protection and sensuality. Waist beads are also found in other cultures, and while African and Islamic women typically keep them under wraps and private, only for chosen partners to see, some display the beads over their clothes or on bare midriffs, such as belly dancers in Eastern cultures.

Purpose and uses: Adorning your waist and hips with beads help you to drop in and check in with your womb, staying "womb conscious" throughout the day, as the beads making contact with your skin always brings your awareness down to your womb space in a very subtle but profound way. When using seeds, shells, crystals or semi-precious beads, it brings an additional dimension to womb consciousness by way of the properties that the specific stone or seed has.  Waist beads can also be used to symbolize the start of a new journey or a promise that you make to yourself. Women who wear waist beads for ceremonial purposes will choose a strand that resonates with the event and imbue it with their specific intentions. However a woman chooses to wear her beads, they help to connect with, and enhance her sensuality or sexuality as they possess intimate appeal and can provoke desire. Women can lure their lovers with the rattle of beads or bells, or use them as a means to communicate their fertility at certain times of the month.

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[Upon purchasing a yoni egg or wand, an electronic copy of the yoni egg/wand manual will be sent - this includes general information, yoni egg care, inserting and expelling the egg, and simple practices for your your egg or wand. ]

Sacred adornment: Belly (Waist) beads:

Belly beads:

For the history, symbolism and both traditional and conventional uses/purposes of wearing belly beads, please see above (or below in cell phone mode). The materials we use for our belly beads are delicate and very feminine, and include sacred symbol trinkets, bells, bronze chain, tassels, shimmering glass beads, crystals and semi-precious beads, shells and Job's tears seeds. Each bead chain is adjustable, for different waist sizes and use under or over clothes. Belly beads can be worn with a bathing suit, over a long plain dress, over a skirt, on a bare, exposed midriff, for belly dancing and with sensual lingery and burlesque outfits. Some beads are designed to have detachable "scallops"of bronze chain and glass beads, hanging over the sensual curves of the hips and buttocks, for lovely accentuation of the luscious areas.


We can custom make you a string with your personal measurements and choice of the above materials, colour beads, as well as and additional center piece you provide, with specific and sentimental value to you. 

Prices range from R500 to R700, depending on the choice of material, the number of hours in designing and assembling the beads, and on whether you will choose a custom made belly bead or select from what is already available. 

Buy in Cape Town: Rose Quartz Yoni egg | Snowflake Obsidian Yoni Egg| Black Obsidian Yoni Egg | Green Adventurine Yoni Egg | Red Jasper Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs in specific sizes, properties and packaging (subject to availability):

Rose quartz:

Rose quartz promotes unconditional love for all living beings and for the Divine. It facilitates heart chakra opening and healing, leading to self-love, self-trust, and self-worth. It is an excellent stone for use in trauma or crisis, as well as during a mid-life crisis.

It aids in transmuting emotional conditioning that no longer serves, and it also releases past emotional trauma, unwanted emotions and stress. It restores hope and faith in the benevolence of the Universe.

Rose quartz is feminine in tone and a stone of the Great Goddess.

Physically: rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids. It also heals the kidneys and adrenals.

Small rose quartz in a hessian or cotton pouch: R200.00

Medium rose quartz in a hessian or cotton pouch: R300.00

Drilled medium rose quartz in a hessian or cotton pouch: R400

Large rose quartz in a hessian or cotton pouch: R 400.00

Any of the above in a choice between a hand-decorated wooden box and a decorated wooden Russian doll: additional R100

Snowflake obsidian:

Obsidian works extremely fast and with great power, mercilessly exposing flaws, weaknesses and blockages while lending solid support for catharsis. It is also a strong auric protective stone. It is an excellent stone for doing shadow work, facilitating integration of your shadow self.

Snowflake Obsidian carries courage and persistence to those on the edge of hope. It is used to release trauma from past lives, carried over to the present life, by means of past-and-present-life recall with insight into how these past events relate to the present difficulties - allowing one to overcome and release these problems by recognising sources of support. It also helps overcome the victim mentality.

It enables one to make the best of a challenging situation by clearing self-defeating thoughts and eliminating energy-draining thoughts, and inspiring one with new ideas that can improve one’s condition, along with noticing synchronicities.

Physically: it assists with removing blockages in the meridian system. Its energy is useful in clearing reproductive problems based in past or current self-abuse issues, healing the base and sacral chakras.

Medium snowflake obsidian in a hessian or cotton pouch: R 550.00

Large snowflake obsidian in a hessian or cotton pouch: R 700.00

Any of the above in a choice between a hand-decorated wooden box and a decorated wooden Russian doll: additional R100

Black Obsidian:

Obsidian works extremely fast and with great power, mercilessly exposing flaws, weaknesses and blockages while lending solid support for catharsis. It is also a strong auric protective stone. It is an excellent stone for doing shadow work, facilitating integration of your shadow self.

Black obsidian differs from Snowflake Obsidian in that it works more intensely in eliminating negative energetic attachments, hooks and cords, and is therefore not recommended as a beginner egg. It is a protective stone, creating a protective shield that helps one remain grounded when working with the darker side of one’s nature, on both the auric and cellular levels, including negative thought patterns, allowing for these patterns to be rewritten. These tendencies could be, for example, addictions, abusive behaviour (self and other) and scarcity. This healing effect goes back into past lives, and can work on the ancestral/family line. It facilitates the release of old lovers and provides support during change.

Physically: it assists with removing blockages in the meridian system, clearing reproductive problems based in past abuse or current self-abuse, and it opens and clears the base and second chakras.

Medium black obsidian in a hessian or cotton pouch: R 550.00

Large black obsidian in a hessian or cotton pouch: R 700.00

Any of the above in a choice between a hand-decorated wooden box and a decorated wooden Russian doll: additional R100

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism, renewed hope and joy, and zest for life, helping one move forward, with confidence, into new situations, for growth in a new direction. It allows one to see each destruction or change in one’s life as and opportunity to grow. It allows one to look at the bright side of difficult times. It instils life force energy and renewal on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

It is helpful to manifest greater prosperity. It releases attachment to outcome, and assists getting ‘out of your head ‘and ‘into your heart’.

It can assist in perceiving the core emotional issues behind illness and imbalances. It also balances masculine-feminine energy.

Physically: it benefits the nervous system and adrenals, and aids heart and circulatory system regulation. It stimulates cell repair, regrowth and general vitality.

Small Aventurine in a hessian or cotton pouch: R 200.00

Medium Aventurine in a hessian or cotton pouch: R 300.00

Large Aventurine in a hessian or cotton pouch: R400.00

Any of the above in a choice between a hand-decorated wooden box and a decorated wooden Russian doll: additional R100

Red Jasper:

Jasper balances yin and yang and supports during necessary conflict. Red Jasper opens and stimulates the base chakra and stimulates the kundalini ‘serpent’ that dwells at the base of the spine, lending strength as chi or life force energy rises up the spine. It stabilizes, including balancing emotions. It helps cultivating sexual /creative energy, and assisting in balancing one’s sexual energy and one’s beliefs about sexual expression. It helps to release shame or guilt around sexual expression or orientation, as well as recover from violent sexual experiences. It can also help one to continue with a creative project even after it has lost its original excitement.

Physically: Red Jasper is a stone of strength and energy. It helps to stabilize pregnancies and promote robust foetal growth. It detoxifies the circulatory system and the liver.

Large red jasper in a hessian or cotton bag: R 700.00

Large red jasper in a hand-decorated wooden box or Russian doll: R800.00

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Rose quartz yoni wands:


A yoni wand can be used to de-armour the cervix: a process by which we release the emotional holding stored in the tissue of the body. The holding is a result of the stress response in the body. When the nervous system is stressed, the body will brace or tighten to protect itself. For women, we store so much of our stress in the pelvis, vagina and cervix. A yoni wand practice is an excellent way of releasing stored tension, stress and sexual trauma from the cervix: not only will feeling and pleasurable sensation be restored to the yoni and cervix, increasing the likelihood of experiencing G-spot and cervical orgasms, but one’s capacity to experience connection with one-self, partner and every aspect of life will also expand.

The difference between the small and the large wands, is the girth: they both have the same length and the same diameter at the smaller end, and so they can both equally be used as an acu-pressure tool to de-armour the yoni and the cervix. I advice young woman (virgins) to rather use the smaller wand. Both wands can also be used for sacred self-pleasure, although the larger wand is more conducive for this purpose, as its girth results in slightly more pressure exerted on the yoni walls, thus ensuring more pleasurable sensations in the yoni during play. 

Small wand (17 cm X 2.5 cm): R1100

Large wand (17 cm X 4 cm): R1300

Smudge bundles:


The herbs used to make the smudge bundles are organically home grown, and include: Lavender, Sage, Helichrysum (Mpepho), Cypress, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Rue. A bundle is roughly 30 cm long and 6 cm wide.


Smudge bundles cost R100 per bundle (excluding delivery costs or postage). Can be posted if more than three bundles are purchased.

Chinese Medicine:


R120 per box with one box lasting 2 weeks.

Please refer below for a guide to use Chinaherb formulas: 


For a pattern diagnosis and specific, tailored Chinaherb recommendations, consult Dr. Vinay Jagjivan, doctor of Chinese medicine and specialist in women's hormonal health at

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS):

  • The main pattern is usually Liver Qi Stagnation and Blood Deficiency. Symptoms include tightness or swelling of breasts, mastalgia, painful distention of lower abdomen, irritability, or restlessness prior to menstruation. Formulas to use: Merry Life Formula, or Relaxed Wanderer.

  • Another pattern is Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency. It is characterized by oedema or diarrhoea before and/or during menstruating and poor appetite. Formulas to use: Tonic Yang and Consolidate Qi.


Dysmenorrhoea (period pain):

Period pain is the result of Qi and Blood Stagnation, which may be caused by Liver Qi Stagnation, Cold and Damp, or Qi and Blood deficiency.

  • A Qi and Blood Stagnation pattern is characterized by pain and dull – purplish menses with clots (pain eases after clots are excreted). Formula to use: Expel Stasis or Expel Uterus Stagnation.

  • A Cold and Damp pattern is characterized by pain and dark, scant menses (pain eases after applying heat and pressure to the affected area). Formulas to use: Tonic Yang and Si Wu Tang.

  • A Qi and blood deficiency: pattern is characterized by a dull pain during and after menstruation (pain eases after applying pressure to the affected area), fatigue, pale menses of loose consistency. Formulas to use: Si Wu Tang and Four Gentleman Formula.


Vaginal Dryness:

Is indicative of a Kidney Yin Deficiency pattern.

Formula to use: Nourish Root Yin.



  • Kidney deficiency is a common pattern: you may present with oligomenorrhoea (scant, pale menses), low libido, and a feeling of weakness in lower back. Formula to use: Yu Ling Zhu.

  • Liver Qi Stagnation is another common pattern, usually caused by a stressful lifestyle. You may present with irregular menstruation, PMS, or may have a history of taking contraceptive drugs. Formula to use: Merry Life Formula, or Relaxed Wanderer.

  • A blood stagnation pattern is characterized by infertility with oligomenorrhoea or dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation). Formulas to use: Si Wu Tang and Merry Life Formula.


Uterine Leiomyoma (fibroids) and uterine adenomyosis:

Are indicative of a Qi and Blood Stagnation problem, usually symptoms of irregular and painful menstruation (dark menses with clots), and pain in the rectum on straining during defecation. Formulas to use: Expel Uterus Stagnation or Expel Stasis and Merry Life Formula.


Low Libido:

  • A Kidney Yang Deficiency pattern is characterized by a diminished sex drive, low energy levels and fatigue, and sensation of feeling cold in lower back and knees. Formula to use: Tonic for Men and Women.

  • A Liver QI Stagnation pattern is characterized by a diminished stress-related sex drive. Formula to use: Merry Life Formula.

  • A kidney Yin Deficiency & Damp Heat pattern is characterised by a diminished sex drive, low energy levels and fatigue, a sensation of feeling hot, and yellowish urine. Formulas to use: Clear Root Fire.


Menopausal Syndrome:

  • A Kidney Yin Deficiency pattern is characterized by hot flushes in the upper chest (spreading to neck and face), night sweats, restlessness and insomnia, and vaginal dryness. Formula to use: Meno-well, or Clear Root Fire.

  • A Kidney Yang Deficiency pattern is characterized by the sensation of and ice-cold feeling in the spine, loose stools or diarrhoea, or oedema, frequent urination and incontinence. Formula to use: Tonic Yang, or Way to Right.

  • Both Kidney Yin and Yang Deficiency patterns are characterized by hot flushes at times, but sensation of feeling cold at other times, and night sweats alternating with the sensation of feeling cold; restlessness and insomnia. Formula to use: Meno-Well.