What women are saying about Package 1: Mooncycle wisdom


Monet took me on a delicate, beautiful, yet potent discovery of my Inner Feminine. We had several sessions together over a few weeks where I learned everything about the moon cycles and how to work with my moon cycle so that I know when and how to optimise my energy. I really didn’t have any background in this and I absolutely loved how Monet presented this to me. It was easy, effortless and actually fun!

Monet also took me through various processes to use the Yoni Egg. What I noticed after and during these sessions was that I started to feel and exhibit more feminine energy. I got my spark back! I also noticed that I had felt more attractive. Things in my life started to reflect, where I even started to dress differently and take better care of myself.

The way that Monet holds space is absolutely sacred, held and beautiful. I always feel loved, supported and empowered after any class or session that I have had with her. Monet’s knowledge and understanding of the womb, tantra, health, and goddess archetypes is implausible. If you are looking to explore the womb, your moon cycle or Taoist tantra, I would highly recommend her work. She’s authentic and the real deal!


Self-employed as healer


I didn’t quite know what to expect coming into these sessions, how it would benefit me or how it would make me feel to talk about such intimate things. Let’s just say I walked out feeling so proud to be a woman and what my body can do, we are forced to hide these parts of ourselves as the world sees it as messy and taboo, I feel lucky that I can experience such magic and have a new view on all things about my body that I have been taught to dislike. 


Monet created a safe space that enabled me to share and really get answers to questions I had never asked before. 


The manual we were given is so informative, from Yoni care to food’s to eat during parts of your cycle, it covers it so in-depth and on a level that when I am at home, I can still understand. The knowledge I have taken away from the workshop is not only on a physical level of feeling more confident about how my body works but it has also created mental awareness that what I put into my body effects my hormones. 


I will definitely be doing more sessions, this Is what we need, and I hope all woman go and realize that they are enough and what their bodies do is INCREDIBLE!  

Olivia Coetzee, Sales and Admin Assistant


I feel greatly benefitted from attending Monet’s Womb Cycle Sessions. Monet shared with us many Ancient Sisterhood Wisdom’s that have been passed down from generations of women, yet somehow in our modern age we have lost these essential traditions of self-love, womb care.  

The biggest gift I have taken away from our time together is the understanding that my monthly moon cycle is in fact a blueprint of my life and a true reflection of my current state of being. Learning the practice of shadow work helps one to read and understand those monthly keys which allows us to heal past trauma’s and create a blissful womb journey. Understanding the different ‘seasons’ in the month and learning how to implement the complementary activities into my daily routine has had a very harmonizing effect in my life. I find using the Moondale mapping has also been a great tool in consciously aligning myself with the different phases of the moon.

These invaluable yoni and moon-cycle practices allow us to delve deep into the feminine energy and create a blissful and blessed womb.  

Kadis De longh, Assistant Accountant/Bookkeeper



I got sick and tired of taking painkillers and suffering with intense menstrual pain after going on the pill - and I have since been searching for natural alternatives that work.

I was so excited to see Monet's sessions covered these topics, along with so many more, related to understanding how to care for my body with its cycles. Monet provided us with a detailed guide to take home that is a BIBLE for all things female - she even has a grocery list of foods that naturally balance your hormones as they fluctuate through the month!


Monet addressed these topics with incredible knowledge, care and expertise, along with many giggles, welcomed tea and chats. It was fun, incredibly informative, and I just want to share this event with everyone. If you are a woman, you need to go to this! 

Kersti de Beer, Yoga teacher and Artist

What women are saying about Package 2: Shadow Work


Working with Dr Monet Viljoen has taught me so many valuable lessons that I will carry with me forever. Starting with Moon cycle Magick, we come to learn compassion, understanding and love for ourselves throughout our ever changing phases. We come to a new respect and understanding of our feminine nature. A reminder of our sacred femininity. The shadow work that was done will always continue. Monet has equipped me with practical tools that I now use on a daily basis throughout my interactions and life. This shadow work is extremely profound and should not be underestimated. I am noticing changes occurring in my life months after our sessions and I suspect that this will continue throughout the rest of my life.

I thank the universe and my lucky stars every day for having the privilege of being in the presence of this Magical Woman & Healer. Thank you for helping me remember what I am. Thank you for helping me to value and Love myself.


With Eternal Gratitude, 


Janine Quinn

Self Employed, nutritional chef 


Dr. Monet Viljoen (verander gerus na enige naam wat beter van pas is) could not have crossed my path at a better time. In my 29 years on earth, I have been searching for the right tools to navigate my way through life, especially adulthood. The Shadow Work course has finally allowed me to reconnect with my goddesses and how to allow them each to guide me according to their strengths when I feel weak.


Not only do I feel equipped with the tools to finally practice effective self-care and self-improvement,  but she has introduced me to a whole new field of thought that I simply can not get enough of. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Viljoen and her work for helping me find my one true love and soulmate: ME. 


Marlie Stuwig

Film Industry Creative (TM)


Monet is a wealth of knowledge and holds space impeccably to take you through a deep shadow process that allows you to illuminate the parts that have holding you back from receiving your hearts truest desires.


I loved Monet’s ability to synthesise abstract and diverse constructs of knowledge, in here own unique shadow work process that brought together mind, body and spirit integration through embodiment and alchemy. I’m incredibly grateful for her level of professionalism, and the way this process transformed my life and was able to support an integration of a piece, that previously had taken years to work through, that finally was able to come home and be integrated in these short weeks with her

Willow Jayne

Medicine woman, Entrepeneur, author 


Monet has been a true gift to my psyche. 
The sessions with her have taught me to be more aware and able in dealing with my past and future traumas. 


Monet is a kind, loving woman who does her work with compassion and great knowledge. If venturing into your shadows is what you want to do, I would definitely recommend embarking on that journey with her!

Thank you Monet, can't wait for our next encounter.

Merav Bouskila, Student

What people are saying about: 

Private Yoga Sessions 


Jivamukti yoga is my preferred style of yoga, I am always not exactly sure why I say that because I am no expert at the different yoga styles but I do know that I always leave a Jivamukti class feeling nourished and stronger. I find it to be quite a spiritual experience (emphasis on "spiritual" being whatever "spiritual" is for you). Monet takes care in each second of the lesson, every part of your time with her has meaning. She focuses on your journey within, and really helps to explain what that means bit by bit, because let's face it, the journey within is a complicated one.


In the time that I have been practicing with her I have learnt different Mantras, Mudras with simple dance movements and key tips on how to stay focused during meditation. These are amazing tools that I am using on a daily basis with managing my stress and emotions. Her yoga sequences are so beautifully put together. There is the perfect balance of feeling that you are working hard but the sequence is at just the right speed for you to focus on your ujjayi breathing. Throughout the lesson you can feel yourself getting stronger and stronger and that is usually when Monet will introduce some phenomenal demonstration of which pose she would like you to do next, she is particularly good at reading your progress and convincing you that you are capable, more often than not you find yourself in that pose (not quite as gracefully as Monet).


For me, adjustments and assists are particularly important during a yoga class and Monet is very good and spotting where you are going wrong, I have felt amazing progress in my practice since taking classes with her, and I think a lot of it has to do with how she points out what should be adjusted and then feeling the difference it makes.


Monet's playlists are out of this world, I always feel like she has spent decades planning the sequence of song with practice because it always feels so on point. I truly enjoy her choice in music for the final corpse pose, I often drift off to a nearby alternate universe, this is a space of stillness that is so needed in this bustling world. Monet is a fierce yogi warrior with such a gentle and kind soul, who is deeply welcoming to all around her.

Caeli Partridge, Events Administrator for a sports events company in Cape Town

I will describe Monet's classes as a soul playdate. Her dharma talks are a combination of ancient insights and inspiration that blends in with real life experiences. During her yoga teachings I feel free form all judgement and I always leave class feeling connected to the pure feeling of being alive. Monet's classes are a "must-experience" to any adventurous soul!

Nadia de Vries, Accountant


Lessons with Monet have not only changed the way I think about yoga but they have also drastically changed the relationship I have with myself. She's managed to push me through my mental barriers (I don't have a yoga body... I have too many wobbly bits... I drink too much coffee...) and as such, I am working through my physical barriers. Her class is such an incredible space and my fellow classmates feel like friends. It's an environment of positivity and encouragement (even when you fall over...). I am attempting poses this year that I never dreamed of attempting before and it's brought me such a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I cannot explain what a big impact attending Monet's classes have had on my life and I am eternally grateful to her for helping me change my internal dialogue. I also love that we learn something new at the beginning of each lesson (like the yamas) that we can apply to our everyday experiences. Her classes are strong, energizing and motivating. For the first time in a long time I feel like a yogi. 

Shante Phillips, Mathematics Educator


For the past 7 or so months I have been practicing Vinyasa Yoga with Monet Viljoen with her inspiring teaching. Every week I know I can come to my mat on a Thursday and know that when I leave I will be one with myself. She has changed my way of thinking and speaking and even the way I perceive myself as a being as well as encouraging me to go further than my comfort zone within the poses (Asana’s). I have learnt a lot about my inner child and about childhood trauma that can be still lingering deep inside without knowing that it is there and how to deal with the many challenges. Monet is truly an inspiration in my life and to me has become a very good friend. Every week Monet brings such patience, calmness and brightness to each yoga practice and sometimes she pushes you a little further than you would want to go but acknowledges when you have reached your limit. If I am drained and tired and really don’t have the energy for yoga I still go as I know that when I start my practice I will have empowered my inner being and at the end of the class I leave relaxed, calm and ready for the rest of the week. I look forward to each and every Thursday evening!

Samantha Montignies, Accountant, Tax Consultant, Payroll Administrator

I have been attending Monet’s yoga classes for several months. While every class is a physical test, what makes her teaching more powerful is the open and honest nature with which she guides her students. Her dharma talks are always inspiring and enlightening and make her classes a much richer experience than just a workout could ever be.

Deon Jordaan,  Woodwork Artist