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What women are saying about Package 1: Mooncycle wisdom


Monet took me on a delicate, beautiful, yet potent discovery of my Inner Feminine. We had several sessions together over a few weeks where I learned everything about the moon cycles and how to work with my moon cycle so that I know when and how to optimise my energy. I really didn’t have any background in this and I absolutely loved how Monet presented this to me. It was easy, effortless and actually fun!

Monet also took me through various processes to use the Yoni Egg. What I noticed after and during these sessions was that I started to feel and exhibit more feminine energy. I got my spark back! I also noticed that I had felt more attractive. Things in my life started to reflect, where I even started to dress differently and take better care of myself.

The way that Monet holds space is absolutely sacred, held and beautiful. I always feel loved, supported and empowered after any class or session that I have had with her. Monet’s knowledge and understanding of the womb, tantra, health, and goddess archetypes is implausible. If you are looking to explore the womb, your moon cycle or Taoist tantra, I would highly recommend her work. She’s authentic and the real deal!


Self-employed as healer


I didn’t quite know what to expect coming into these sessions, how it would benefit me or how it would make me feel to talk about such intimate things. Let’s just say I walked out feeling so proud to be a woman and what my body can do, we are forced to hide these parts of ourselves as the world sees it as messy and taboo, I feel lucky that I can experience such magic and have a new view on all things about my body that I have been taught to dislike. 


Monet created a safe space that enabled me to share and really get answers to questions I had never asked before. 


The manual we were given is so informative, from Yoni care to food’s to eat during parts of your cycle, it covers it so in-depth and on a level that when I am at home, I can still understand. The knowledge I have taken away from the workshop is not only on a physical level of feeling more confident about how my body works but it has also created mental awareness that what I put into my body effects my hormones. 


I will definitely be doing more sessions, this Is what we need, and I hope all woman go and realize that they are enough and what their bodies do is INCREDIBLE!  

Olivia Coetzee, Sales and Admin Assistant


I feel greatly benefitted from attending Monet’s Womb Cycle Sessions. Monet shared with us many Ancient Sisterhood Wisdom’s that have been passed down from generations of women, yet somehow in our modern age we have lost these essential traditions of self-love, womb care.  

The biggest gift I have taken away from our time together is the understanding that my monthly moon cycle is in fact a blueprint of my life and a true reflection of my current state of being. Learning the practice of shadow work helps one to read and understand those monthly keys which allows us to heal past trauma’s and create a blissful womb journey. Understanding the different ‘seasons’ in the month and learning how to implement the complementary activities into my daily routine has had a very harmonizing effect in my life. I find using the Moondale mapping has also been a great tool in consciously aligning myself with the different phases of the moon.

These invaluable yoni and moon-cycle practices allow us to delve deep into the feminine energy and create a blissful and blessed womb.  

Kadis De longh, Assistant Accountant/Bookkeeper