Yoni crystal sales are currently not available, but will resume on 1 October 2021.

All sales (crystals, belly beads, and sessions) are non-refundable.

Sales only within South Africa. No international sales - no refund for an international yoni egg/wand paymentPostage within South Africa is available for an additional R100, only via Postnet, and for a minimum order of R700 - please ensure that you include the postage voucher below in your purchase. For orders in Cape Town, parcels can be collected from Steps to Health in Diep River, and in Thornton/Pinelands. 

Postage (available only in South Africa). 

Product sales only within South Africa. International sales only available for Package 1 & 2.

Online or In-person One:One Session Packages

Purchases which require making direct contact via email: 


Upon purchasing Package One and Two below, please email your Payfast Proof of Payment to monet.khandroma@outlook.com. I will then liaise with you, with regard to scheduling sessions, and discuss how to process either with sessions taking place in person or over Skype, as well as send the relavant course material.

Package 1 (Mooncycle wisdom) course material: 

The 33-page womb care manual will be emailed to you, prior to sessions commencement.

Package 2 (Life as Mythical Stage Show) course material: 

  • Session-specific background material, theory and practice descriptions will be emailed to you prior to each session (27 pages in total).

  • The Goddess archetype questionnaire, as well as the 29-page Greek Goddess archetype profile manual will be send prior to the fifth session.

  • After Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, guidance of each respective practice, in the form of an audio file, will be send as well. 

Postage (available only in South Africa). 

Product sales only within South Africa. International sales only available for Package 1 & 2..

Prices above exclude postage and delivery fees. No shipping or postage is available for products ordered from outside of South Africa. For purchases in South Africa: if you are not based in Cape Town and collecting in person, postage to other towns in the country is available via Postnet (Postnet to Postnet), for an additional R100 and only available for a minimum order of R700. You can purchase a Postnet voucher here: Postage Voucher. Please send Payfast POP and provide your name, cell phone number and the address of your nearest Postnet office via email: monet.khandroma@outlook.com. 

Yoni crystals: Upon purchasing your yoni egg(s) and/or wand(s), please email Payfast POP to monet.khandroma@outlook.com. Your free yoni crystal 101 manual will be subsequently send.

Belly (waist) beads: Upon purchasing your Belly beads, please email Payfast POP to monet.khandroma@outlook.com, along with your measurements and spesifications.