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Sacred, Women's Private Sessions


Reclaiming my womb space:

My story with my womb involves an unbalanced masculine energy, in the form of patriarchy. And with patriarchy I am referring to a “power-over” and dominating or controlling energy, which is not necessarily gender based.


Once upon a time….

There was me, growing up in family and religious structures which were very rigid and overbearing. According to the transactional analysis model in psychology, I internalised this external “critical parent ego state” at a very young age and as a result, the “adaptive child ego state” within myself complied with all of the external demands and my “free child ego state” did not have much chance to express itself (either through self- or other- imposed restriction). In large part, this was due to a structure of daily church activities, to having been subjected to frequent corporal punishment, to striving for excellent grades, to committing to loads of extramural activities (piano, choir, ballet, where these activities in and of themselves also allowed for very little room for spontaneity), to having no time for friends and nobody to talk to. In a nutshell, there was always pressure to be doing something, and as if that was not enough, it also had to be done in an orderly fashion – these are all signs of extreme masculine energy.


With my limited childhood perspective, I made an unconscious decision to adopt behaviours that are masculine in nature. Dissociating myself from being female in the quest to study life sciences and become a career woman, and I took pride in one day being able to compete with men for success. I preferred the company of men and mostly associated with men. I committed to studying at University for 12 years, adopting a lifestyle of no lunch breaks, eating in front of the books or computer, sleeping only 5 to 6 hours a night, drinking up to 8 cups of coffee a day, and If I wasn’t in my head, I was working out in the gym fanatically or going for runs pushing my body to its max (in the quest to be skinny and to cater to society’s patriarchal whims).


Suffice to say, the psychological dis-ease I presented with in childhood advanced to the point that I finally mustered up the courage to see a clinical psychologist. In addition, my body also suffered the consequences in the form of female hormonal imbalances, and I ended up with stage two adrenal burnout.


The breakthrough came when I started my journey with yoga: I could clearly notice how my thoughts and behaviours impacted my body and mind in an adverse way, with what I have now learned to be signs of excess masculine energy. For example, even though I outwardly always looked very feminine with being beautifully clothed and groomed:

• I almost never cried and felt a disconnection form my emotions and sensations in the body

• I looked for a sense of self-worth outside of myself, especially from the opposite sex

• I struggled to give affection and give or receive nurturing

• I preferred hanging out with men as they were logical and rational and I could have intellectual conversations with them

• I was only interested in my studies (working toward becoming a professor) and escaping from the hard work with one form of addiction or another

• I felt isolated and unsupported, going from one co-dependent relationship to another, interspersed by short flings that left me feel empty and unworthy

• I was living from the neck up, and specifically in the left rational, executive brain.


By having had experienced the dark side of patriarchy, both on the inside and outside, I can honestly say that I have traversed the underworld, first unconsciously, and in later years consciously by exploring a number of healing modalities. I am very grateful to have healed most of my childhood wounds, manifested in mind and body and womb, and I am devoted to helping other women heal from theirs in their own heroic journeys. In the words of Rachel Naomi Remen, professor of Integrative Medicine: “Wounding and healing are not opposites. They're part of the same thing. It is our wounds that enable us to be compassionate with the wounds of others.”


And they all lived purposefully ever after…



I obtained a PhD in Neuro-physiology, and combined my knowledge of chronobiology - how every system in the body has its own rhythm - with preserved indigenous and Taoist wisdom predating the Patriarchal era, in coaching on hormone balancing. In addition to a thorough investigation in Depth Psychology, in particular the roles of mythology, symbolism and specific goddess archetypes in the female psyche, I have completed a Jivamukti Yoga-inspired Yoga Teacher Training, and have also trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-and-values-based behaviour therapy.




Why is this work important?

1) Women of today are experiencing more gynaecological issues than ever before, ranging from poly cystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, endometriosis, difficult periods and thyroid and adrenal issues, to premature aging, infertility and low libido.

2) As far as relationships are concerned, many women battle with love/sex addiction, low self-worth, past or present maltreatment/trauma, and are insecurely attached to their romantic partners, seeking constant other-validation.

3) In general, many women are just not living passionate lives.


Moreover, in today’s Patriarchal society, many women have experienced some form of childhood physical or emotional neglect and/or physical, psychological or sexual abuse, where they then repeatedly re-enact those patterns of maltreatment by attracting romantic relationships that mirror those dynamics. Also, in ancient cultures, BEING rather than DOING/performing was encouraged, the phases of the menstrual cycles and female sexuality were honored in relation to nature, and women were celebrated as goddesses. In contrast, modern programming and rape culture includes dominance over women and Mother Nature (as reflected in the extreme in the pornography industry), and lifestyles that are governed by goal-directed, incessant activity, artificial light, hormone disruptive cosmetics, cleaning agents, water and diet. Consequently, we are in a time of much needed healing, finding balance, and living in accordance with the principles of nature.


Who would benefit?

Any woman who,

a) is challenged in the context of maltreatment or complex trauma (past or present), love/sex addiction, and low self-worth,

b) is insecurely attached to their romantic partners, seeking constant other-validation,

c) suffers from hormone imbalances and gynaecological issues (poly cystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, endometriosis, difficult periods, thyroid and adrenal issues, premature aging, infertility and low libido),

d) wants to discover her life purpose and the archetypes that can propel her forward on this quest,

e) is willing and committed to rewrite limiting unconscious beliefs, and embody the Divine Feminine.


How you would benefit?

You will benefit from this work by healing trauma that resides within the womb, and take full residency in your womb. By incorporating self-care practices, dietary and lifestyle practices, you will learn how to naturally balance your hormones, cultivate a connection with your life purpose, needs, and values and restore vitality and passion. You will get to know which goddess archetypes are operating in your life, and how the manifestation of their shadow aspects can be transformed by means of a process of rewriting your story to one of love and feminine empowerment.

Each session is 90 minutes long, reserved for ladies only, in the comfort of your home, or at our cozy bohemian temple space (pictures below). A single session is R750, to be paid upfront. You can choose between 3 packages with slightly different focuses. Payments can be made via EFT or credit card, through Payfast.

Package One and Two are also available via Skype, in the event that you are not based in Windhoek, Namibia. For package content and investment, please see below.

Investments include a 33-page womb care manual, a 29-page Greek Goddess archetype profile manual, a comprehensive 13-page yoni egg practice manual, as well as a 27-page shadow work manual.

In addition to what is being delivered and imparted in-session, a great deal of care also goes into making you feel comfortable, relaxed and nourished, with, for example, soothing background music, burning prime quality masala incense, provision of hormone-supporting herbal teas and snacks, and the creation of a safe, sacred space.



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"Deep in the wintry parts of our minds, we are hardy stock and we know there is no such things as a work-free transformation. We know that we will have to burn to the ground in one way or another, and sit right in the ashes of who we once thought we were and go on from there.



Difficult and rich - this is what a person in an authentic maturation finds at the essence of it all - and it show both inside and outside, on the person who strives toward it." 


In the wise words of Dr Clarissa Pinkoles Estes. 


Offerings, packages,content:

Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga and Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution (SAGE).

Package 1 Mooncycle wisdom

 (available in person in Windhoek, as well as online) 

(for women of childbearing ages):

Womb and yoni care, natural female-hormonal harmony


  Sessions include education on how to take loving care of your yoni and release trauma from the yoni/womb, as well as learn how to use this feminine center for fertility, pleasure, expression of the goddess, manifesting, and creativity. Introducing feminine embodying practices and ritual, including yoni egg regime, menstrual- and moon-cycle charting, the use of alternative menstrual products and natural forms of contraception, as well as other sacred self-care practices such as yoni steams. 


You will also be informed as to how to balance your delicate hormone levels in the context of gynecological issues as well as general vitality, and on how to use the four phases of your menstrual cycle (in relation to the lunar cycle) to your advantage in terms of, a) herbs, diet and lifestyle, and b) psychological processes and energetic principles, for example, using shadow work, intuition, nourishment, receptivity, magnetism, creativity and manifesting.

Investment: Package 1 consists of two sessions, valued at R1500, to be paid prior to session commencement. Investment includes a comprehensive womb care manual. For EFT and Paypal payments, contact me directly. For credit card payments, please see Package 1 at the Online store.

Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga and Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution (SAGE).

Package 2: Shadow work

(available in person in Windhoek, as well as online



One of these sessions entails the completion of an intake form, as well as the discovery of your dominant goddess archetypes, by means of my Seven-Greek-Goddess-Archetype questionnaire. In addition to receiving and in-depth manual, for future reference, the genealogy, mythology, characteristics, and shadow qualities of the seven Greek goddesses (see images below in desktop view) will also be provided in booklet form. 

With respect to both light and dark aspects of the goddess archetypes, I teach a curated 5-step "Life as mythical stage show practice" TM, whereby one’s unconscious limiting beliefs/stories/schemas are systematically rewritten to create one’s reality from a space of love, in line with one's values and life purpose. This method draws on the modalities of Acceptance Commitment therapy, Somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and Depth psychology. The aim is to both deal effectively with one's emotional triggers as well as use the trigger to tap important information locked away in the unconscious mind, essentially digging for the gold in an alchemical/transformative process. By consciously writing the script of your life and transforming your inner world, your outer world will naturally follow suit.


Sessions include:

- The theory behind complex trauma, Jungian psychology, shadow work and other relevant modalities, which will be applied in the 6 sessions.

- The identification of a recurring, emotional trigger or projection (introduced by people you have an intimate relationship with, situations, and/or events in your life), to which you respond with a disproportionate reaction (an overreaction), which we will be working with throughout the entire 6 sessions.  

- Tools to defuse a trigger scenario.

- Discovering the limiting core beliefs which underlie your trigger scenario, as well as the antidote replacement beliefs and values-directed bahaviours which are line with your antidote archetype of choice.  By the end of the 6th session, the limiting belief will have been transformed to that of the antidote belief, on psychological, neuro-physiological and behavioural levels.

- Exploration of 7 Greek Goddess archetypes, establishing to what extent each is operating in your life, in both healthy and unhealthy ways, and the harnessing of their beneficial aspects in your trigger scenario.

- Working with the central- and autonomic nervous system, in moving from freeze/dissociation, fight/flight, or socialization (people pleasing), to a state of increased vagal tone, when you have been triggered.

- Somatic and embodiment work, integrating and releasing childhood trauma, and using active imagination.

- Identifying the sacred needs of all of your parts in your psyche, including that of your inner exiled child's.

- Weaving the Greek story of Psyche and Eros, as well as Greek myth "Who get the golden apple", into your daily life, where you will be embarking on your own heroic journey, in mythological terms: a journey of with ease and grace, moving back and forth between the underworld (personal and collective unconscious) and the upperworld (conscious mind and the mundane, every-day living), so as to integrate the unconscious with the conscious.

For a rationale of including shadow work see WHY SHADOW WORK?).

Investment: Package 2 consists of 6 sessions, valued at R4 500 (R750 per session), to be paid prior to session commencement, or in two installments. Investment includes a comprehensive "Life as mythical stage show practice" TM manual, as well as a goddess archetype manual. For EFT and Paypal payments, contact me directly. For credit card payments, please see Package 2 at the Online store.

Monet Viloen, (PhD), Jivamukti yoga teacher, integrative life coach, Tribal fusion belly dancer, Tantrika, and the creatrix of Shadow Illumination Yoga and Shakti Alchemy Goddess Evolution (SAGE).

Alternative to Package 2:


A single session, providing a crash course of the "Life as mythical stage show practice TM” (see Package 2). The method will not be explored in as much detail and also with less personal assistance, compared to committing to all six sessions, but you will be able to implement it in your life immediately. You will also receive a detailed manual of the method, to refer back to and serving as guidance when you apply the 5 steps in your life.

Investment: This two hour-long session is valued at R850, to be paid prior to session commencement. Investment includes comprehensive Greek Goddess archetype profiling and shadow work manuals. 

2018-01-06 175.JPG

Package 3: tantric solo practices

Taoist, Tibetan and Egyptian tantra. Yoni egg and wand practices.


No prior experience is required - practices are basic and fundamental in both nature and structure.

In the comfort of your own home, or in-person, at our beautiful temple space, I will guide and instruct in the art of solo tantra practices. There will be no touching on my behalf, and you can choose to remain fully clothed if you so wish. There will be caressing of your breasts and yoni , which can be done through your clothes too, and which is performed by yourself on yourself, and with my back facing you while I guide you trough the practice. 

By using the power of your mind (visualisation), the breath, your pelvic floor muscles, your intention, and sacred self-touch, you will be gently and safely guided through the processes of:

- Sacred initiation of your yoni egg practice by infusion your egg with reverence and awe prior to lovingly inserting it.

- Energetically clearing/cleansing your womb space and light body.

- Generating shakti (feminine) energy in your body. 

- Learning how to use your sexual energy current for manifestation purposes.

- Learning sacred self-care practices such as the breast massage and DEER practice.

- Micro-cosmic orbit channeling of your sexual energy.

- Cultivate a daily/weekly self-care practice.

- De-armouring of your your yoni and throat chakra, using acupressure, the mythology of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, visualisation and a Vedic ritual embodiment practice.

Investment: Package 3 consists of three sessions, valued at R2 250, to be paid prior to session commencement, in two installments. Investment includes a comprehensive yoni egg/wand practice manual.

Yoga sessions:


For additional yoga sessions, please consult the YOGA SESSIONS page.