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11:11:11 sisterhood gathering

And so we meet again in circle as sisters, with Venus still being retrograde in the heavens, in her underworld journey. As above, so below.... The planet Venus is intimately associated with the goddess Venus (Aphrodite in the Greek version), as well as the other goddesses in the goddess pantheon who imbue us with the qualities of beauty, sex and sensuality (in its sacred expression), love, and also war and death (as transformative principles).

These goddesses include Venus (Roman), Aphrodite (Greek), Inanna (Sumerian), Istar (Babylonian), Astarte (Canaanite), Durga (Hindu) and Lilith (Jewish), where they have all rubbed shoulders with "the ways of the underworld, which are perfect and may not be questioned".

Even as we, the planets, fairy tale characters and the goddess archetypes in the goddess traditions and the mythos, always make our way back up to the top-side world (conscious mind) after our encounters with death in the underworld/unconscious mind, we never ascend unmarked. We have been transformed in some way, now part of the scar-clan, and need to integrate the messages, insights, and convictions obtained from the deeper layers of our psyche.

In this beautiful gathering on the beach, where the ocean is a symbol for the unconscious mind, and from which Aphrodite was born, fully adult and gloriously naked and beautiful, we marked each other with red ochre. Traditionally, this sacred power is considered to be the menstrual blood of Pacha Mama. Anointing the Third eye with menstrual blood signals "I was once of the world, and yet, I am not of this word": while we are going on with our daily tasks and chores in the upperworld, we are simultaneously doing the work in the underworld, and in so doing, we are to be left to our process in peace and we can serve as oracles, harboring mediumistic abilities as we can effortlessly and concurrency navigate the material and spiritual realms.

Cape Town sisters, if you would like to be part of these monthly sacred gatherings, please inbox me so that I can add you to the whats-app group.

Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be 🏮🏵️🏮

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