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Dancing with light and dark

I am a light worker AND I am a shadow worker. This weekend I danced with very brave, bold and beautiful sisters from the Rouge Revue, to reclaim our bodies, our sexuality and our voices as women. In circle, before the first opening act, we claimed that violence against women stops at our generation. The amount of personal synchronicities leading up to this event has been out of this world, and so I followed the thread with utmost awareness... This show has also been the third significant event in one week, the other two being the protests against gender based violence, and the appearance day of the goddess Radharani, the beloved consort of Sri Krishna in the Vedic tradition.

People have asked me how I can reconcile worshiping and serving the Goddess, and at the same time dance provocatively on stage in lingerie. The short answer to this is the intention behind everything that I do, and my intention is to Self-express and to inspire other women to embrace all of who they are, and find a way to express their Divine Goddess selves, within the safe container of sisterhood. Also, in the context of the Goddess traditions, there are both "light" and "dark" goddesses, with these operating within the realms of the mundane upper world and the underworld, respectively. According to depth psychology and astrology, it is crucial for the sake of our psycho-spiritual well being to integrate our shadow self (unconscious content) with our ordinary every day waking state. For more information on this topic, you can read here:

Based on Western astrology, we all have a Black Moon Lilith placement, in one of the 12 houses, and you can find out in what area in your life, Lilith is alive for you personally. Considering the archetype of Lilith as power, politics, and the psychology of sex is beyond the scope of this piece, but in short, in your astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents a your rebellious, primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form and is associated with sex, death, obsession, addiction, transformation, resurrection, magic, the occult and the taboo.

You see, both light and dark aspects of life exist on a continuum, and we can pendulum swing from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other, or we can spend more time around the middle, where the dichotomy is united and exists as a "truer" expression of Love. Where this midpoint lies for each individual is a matter of Self-discovery and a process of individuation. I believe in humanity's impetus for growth and evolution, and I know deep down that this process requires many visits to the metaphorical underworld, as I myself have made so many times in my life, both willingly and by "no choice".

Blessings on your unique journey with this dance, Luscious Lilith (stage name) 🖤🖤🖤

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